Monday, September 12, 2016


A date in the calendar maybe,
it's the hole in one's heart that counts.
We search,
we reason,
we shed tears,
it's the memories that counts.
We look at their images,
maybe in black and white,
or an old Polaroid shot,
but in our hearts they have
no color, only beautiful
accounts of their lives shared
with us while on this earth.
Don't cry for them,
don't make them feel guilty
of leaving us behind to deal
with their passing.
Light a candle when they come
in our dreams, ,they want light and
only us can satisfy that desire.
At night look way up in the sky
and wave at the twinkling stars,
It's them passing by and they
salute us for thinking
of each and everyone
of them who left without a
goodbye to their loved ones  on 9/11.

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