Saturday, September 17, 2016

Booms and a bangs

I was there, all alone, playing my violin on
a warm end of summer night.
All was quiet, no wind to disturb or bright
stars to peak on me with just my violin's
notes floating around my heart was dancing
of joy.
The world was still,
one could hear the cicada
singing to the mood of my fingers on
strings all in unison softly at times or
raging at other times.
Then out of the blues all shattered
with booms and bangs, the sky became
busy with lights, colors and strange sounds.
I walked over to see the commotion,
it was a boom and bangs for children of the
area who screamed oooohhhsss and aaaahhhhss.
I took my violin and imitated the sounds
to no avail ... this time around the boom and the
bangs won over my soft melodies, but music
it still was..... only their music was a bit louder
than mine !!!!!!! 

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