Monday, September 5, 2016

Ice Heart

You keep calling me
"Ice heart".
I really never understood
the meaning of it.
I passed over the comment
telling myself "He does not
mean it..."
Believe me I pretended not to
understand those two little
words with a world of meaning.
You just made me realize that
I really had a heart waiting to
beat for the right person,
and that person was not YOU.
Oh you saw it melting drop by
drop, I begged you to stop
those drops of ice melting
but not because you shamed
me with your words, but
because I never truly had the
guts to just up and go and
leave you there standing not
understanding how come I
finally realized what you taught
was your way of telling me
that you did not love me.
How blind, dumb and deaf
I was not listening to my heart
everytime it told me that you
where just a sad specimen of
humanity and for that reason
my heart froze at your sight.
THANK YOU beautiful heart
of mine to have shown me that
you are more precious than
empty words, kisses and
freezing hands. 
who will never know their
way to a woman's heart.

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