Saturday, September 2, 2017

I'm slowing down...

Like our little friend the snail, today I feel
that I am slowing down. Who would have taught
that on a Saturday night, I do not have the
energy to go out and see the night world.
I'm wandering with how many I am sharing
this sensation? 
To no avail, I can't find an answer.
I look at my two young ladies (granddaughters)
and feel happy for them for being outspoken,
full of swing and energy.  I on the other hand
feel sad, lifeless & being in a maze, the famous
old age maze, going so slowly that the snail can
move faster to explore the vicinity, while me
I prefer to sit behind this box and watch the world
bypass me. 
But eiiii hold on, I'm not invalid, my fingers are
still going at 100 m/k on these keys, so as soon
as I finish this article I'm going to bed and be up
with the birds and my friend the snail to go
and hike a 3 story high hill at 300km away.
So by this time tomorrow I will have lots to say
and write about.
Have a super duper SUNDAY you who came to
read these few words of encouragement & I in turn
will say this, UP AND GO OUT enjoy life or
what's left of it and be safe....

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