Saturday, September 9, 2017

what a day....

What a day....
my head says why move the body,
my eyes say don't open them,
my legs are like blocks of cement,
and my shivers dont' stop complaining,
again I feel sorry for humans who are
battling a ferocious hurricane down south,
not knowing their future tomorrows.
Islands were polished naked,
while others can't seem to recognize itself.
But all can be rebuild with time,
life will struggle to get to a normality
that is not one...
The deads are put away while others have
washed away...
Animals were restless, people still incredible
at the announcing disaster coming their way.
Than it hit them like a giant's slap and cowered
away for the giant to pass and go away.....

PS: Photo is not mine, if author recognizes it,
please contact me, & I will give you credit for it.

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