Saturday, September 23, 2017

Madame Butterfly

My name is butterfly,
I will not pretend otherwise.
I am famous for my colors,
travelling around the world,
reproducing myself so my duty
to the insect world is kept,
but do I feel happy....
I'm free to run around from
one flower to another, my sky
is the limit or a garden to satisfy
my fantasy.  I make children
wonder what it would feel to
have wings and fly. Youngsters
try to catch me for what reasons
I still do not know.  Older people
will try to catch me in flight or
when I go to have a meal, with their
huge tube right on my face.  Wandering
what they would think, should I have
the same capabilities.  But poor me,
I do not and as such I shall keep on
flying around until the right winds
picks me up and brings me down south
where I will make lots of babies to
continue the species and they will fly
around the world and replace me when
it's time.....

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