Monday, January 8, 2018

Hello New Year.....

Hello everyone first of all let me wish you all


It's been a while that I did not write much,
but with the holidays, grandchildren and the weather,
believe me it has not been easy.
My old bones are starting to protest for 1001 reasons.
Too cold, too hot, too humid, too tired, well you get
the message,  One has to listen to the messages
one's body tells you.

Up until the 20th of December I complained that there
was not feelings, ambiance for the holidays, little did I
now what mother nature had in store for all of us.
It started to snow, snow, snow and more snow for
days on.  Then the deep freeze from the Arctic that
reached us for days, days, days and more days,
but then here comes the "Bomb Cyclone" I had never
heard of this expression and we only got the tail end,
but poor people who were in it's path it must have been
heel on earth.  Now the snow is back, BUT...........
guess what in two days we shall fall in spring time
weather with a +6 to 8 degrees C for ONE DAY,
then slowly up and down the scale of minus and plus
just to play with our nerves along with the freezing rain
promised for certain areas.

Do I need to dress up or down this week?
who knows.  Time will tell, so you out there take good
care and watch out for the "flu" bug.  Don't let the
freezing or warm temperature fool you.

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