Friday, January 26, 2018

To a friend

Dear friend,
tonight that feeling loneliness
maybe I will find words to
help you out.
Understanding what you feel
for others and neglecting yourself,
is no reason to go by and live
a life of loneliness.
There's no need for such a feeling,
to be strong for the world is useless
since the world will go on no matter
what or how you feel.
Not everyone is made to have a mate
to walk along with you, give you
love and happiness as we know it,
or even a family to see you grow old.
Dear friend when I read your letters
I can feel your pain, your frustrations,
your lack of taste for life, but it's not
a reason to stop living.
Living is to wake up every day and
share it with the world. What good is
it to you if you can't stand to look at
yourself in the mirror.
It's useless, pointless and harmful to
the health of your sanity.
I'm not asking you to go out and
offer friendship to the first human or
animal that crosses your path.
I'm not asking you to become prisoner
of your four walls, but I am asking you
to stop, listen to your heart, open your
eyes to the beauty that is around you,
you might not like your body, but does
these days...
Never stop believing your yourself
but rather say yourself these words:
" I am alive and I will keep on living".
So my friend if you need my shoulder
to cry on, please just whistle, yell, call,
write or even a ring on my phone and
I will run as fast as I can to you.

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