Monday, January 29, 2018

What is better ...

Let's shake hands
once it was acceptable
today handshake
is as foreign as a smile
what have we done
is it we have created
germs or they were there
way before us.
Who cared if a child had
eaten sand, or shared his
meal with the family dog,
hands were made to be used
and just wiped as best as
it could be done.  People
were healthy and happy,
a handshake was a universally
agreement between humans.
Today do not touch me your
full of germs.  Why would
I shake your hands, you will
brake mine with your strength
or is it...
People have lost their common
sense and they claim they are
smart and well behaved.
Oh please let's go back to the
time of brotherhood and not
wanting to see the other dead because
he does not agree with me, you or them...

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