Sunday, June 26, 2016

Don't cry

When the world is full of nonsense and
you just can seem to follow, then
what can you do.
Scream and complain, I really don't
believe the results will be satisfactory.
Grab a book, put on good walking
shoes or just drive to your favorite
spot and stop, look and breath as
calmly as possible.  If you have a
camera, it does not need to be a fancy
expensive one.  Plain point-and-shoot
and off you start approaching either
nature, objects, people and keep on
taking photos.  Do not be afraid of the
quality or the quantity, if there are too
many then for sure you will delete those
that did not turn out exactly master pieces.
You will calm down, pass the time and
even be more famous that the famous
people who profess being genius.
Not all will follow this silly advice but
that's what I do when I feel that life
is slowly passing by me and I can't
control it.  This time of the year caution
is necessary, always be prepared for
heat, don't over do it, but don't lock
yourself in between 4 walls and cry on
your destiny.

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