Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Rainbow flag carriers...

I forgive you for not understanding what mother
nature gave me and my friends, neighbors or
all the others that I don't know.
I have not chosen to be different from the rest
of humans, but the creator decided that I was
going to be different and as such I respect what
was decided for me at my conception in this life.
Do not blame those who gave me life, but
be happy that they accept me as I am.  I respect
all who they are and don't argument, don't disrespect
them or harm them in any way during my life time.
I'm sorry for the sorrow of those who loved me
unconditionally and were by my side when I needed
support. So now that my life was truncated, from
way above I will try to console you in your sleep,
wispear in your dreams and dry your tears, because
now I'm in a world that does not differentiate who,
what, when, why I am what I am.
Bless all of you left behind in your world now, just
remember that I had blood flowing through my
veins just like you ...
R.I.P who carried the torch and the rainbow flag

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