Thursday, June 16, 2016

Past and future of humans

What do you see?
Maybe the past when the moon
was our friend and guiding light.
The sky with it's galaxies in a myriad of colors,
or the human flower that is split in two
I on the other side, see a sad way of living,
people bickering, killings and there's no one
who knows how to stop this madness that is
instilled in your present day life.
Don't look at me for too long because I don't
like your face so puffff you go.
Don't try to instill good manners in children,
they will report you to the authorities.
If I don't take care of a child, feed him, let
him grow a man, I am slapped on the hand
and asked to change my ways.
But then I'm imprisoned if I don't take care
of an animal and they slam me 10 years of
prison, but for a child I'm allowed to plead
momentary mental insanity, one or two years
and I'm free again...
That's the past and the future of humans
who are destroying themselves and don't even
realize it...........

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