Saturday, June 11, 2016

Write ....

One does not need to read some one's else
writing to try to match it or surpass it. 
But wait a minute, if I don't write my own
feelings or believes, who then will pass the
torch to the next generation of readers.
A book or in this case a blog is an essential
place to express oneself & respect the reader
opinions or comments.
That is the most difficult work one will do for
the generations to come. My views will become
antiquated in a few years and it's fine with me.
I won't be around to see the next generations
and their ways of thinking, writing and passing
on to their next generations.  But so is life and
WE have no choice than accept it.
There will always be a few lights shinning in one's
mind but not always all of them will light at the same

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