Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Blank of memory

Is it possible to be able to write in one
language on not another ....

At times one word will escalate into a
myriad of phrases and your mind works
overtime.  Then there is times when you
keep looking at the empty white sheet or
in this case screen and wandering what
is going on.
A look, a taught, a sound will trigger such
a great passion in a person that it might be
just as well that nothing is coming to me.
I have started to be an hermite and fear the
cold, the snow, the slush, the icy patch
that can send me on the ground and land in
a dirty, infected emergency room, where one
goes in and don't know if you will come out
safe and sound from the mega attacks of
So please bear with me for a while and maybe
in the near feature my brain will start a new
gear of adventures and love stories.
Thank you.

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