Wednesday, January 18, 2017

One after another

Is it possible that the earth keeps on
shaking always at the same place!
For one who has experienced an
extremely mild tremor, I do not know
what it feels like to see everything
crumbling around you.
If you are young and in decent health
you can always run to try to shelter
yourself.  If my memory is right, we
(children) were told to hide under a
table, a door frame, or just get the hell
out as fast as you are able to do it.
But in life not everyone can run, crawl
or even protect themselves from the
wrath of nature. When it hits, you
tend to loose your balance, panic
settle in you and as such you loose
all the control and knowledge that was
instilled in you.  I do not wish these
types of experiences on anyone, but
then life is not always what we would
like to be....
I do not know how to pray anymore,
but maybe if I could, I would go and
offer my help in any type or manner
possible.  To give money - is to throw
it to the wind, better give it to the
people themselves who know exactly
what help they need.  I have seen cases
where crates of clothes, food & water
opened by those who had to transport
it to these people, took out what they
wanted, re-closed the crates and send it
out without those goods.
No way, because had there been a "spirit,
lord, or whatever you want to call it"
he/it would have not permitted such a
breakdown of human love for one's
brother, sister or family.......

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