Monday, January 23, 2017

Let's talk

Even the darkness invading my spirit
is impotent to stop my cries for a brighter day.
I hear the wind calling me,
imploring me to follow him behind the horizon
of haze that keeps chocking me and robbing me
of my life.
My eyes, not so alert like those of the hawks
that flies overhead wanting to show me the
way out of the haze.  I feel shivers run through
my body, but my feet are hot like red coals not
wanting to run anymore.
my face is white or could it be red at some point,
but maybe it could be black also during the
pitch darkness of the night wanting a true me to
come out.
I stand there and slowly, so slowly just start to sway
hoping maybe that my bad dream has ended with the rise
of the new day and the help that is extended to me ....

NB: this month is the month of
"Let's talk... do not be frightened to ask for help".

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