Thursday, December 8, 2016

Darkness of the sky

In the darkness of the sky
there's always a bright light.
Use the eyes of your heart and
a shinning light will come out.
It might not be what you
wished to see in the darkness
but as long as you believe in what
you see there always be hope
shining high in the darkness of the
sky.  Do not let fear enter your mind,
but look up at the sky and an answer
will be there for you to see.
Oh I wish I could have directed my
eyes to the sky and search all the
answers there for me to see.
My heart of stone would not look
and today that I closed my eyes
I do not see the sky.  Let me sleep
for a while and then maybe with a
fresh mind and help from the sky
I shall be able to fight back my
demons who blocked my view of the

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