Saturday, December 10, 2016

Heart of the ocean

The heart of the ocean is laying down
in the depth of the Atlantic ocean
undisturbed for ages.  No one really
remembers what it looks like, is   it big
or is it small.  Does it shine or one could
not differentiate it from the darkness and
the skeletons protecting it.
Who really knows is not here to tell us,
we can look for it, we can fantasize about it,
or is it in a shell well hidden from the
humans eyes.  It is said that he who
touches it will never feel joy from it.
Who had it originally no one knows,
did it made some lady or a greedy man
loose it's mind when it went down in
the darkness of the ocean with more than
a thousand people who taught they were
safe crossing that monster Atlantic.
Oh if only some of those ghosts would
return to us and really tell us that night
events, we can only imagine what it was
like, but he who has not gone through
a similar event will never understand
to be eaten alive by the ocean...
Oh mother why did you give me a pence
to make that crossing for a better life,
why with that ocean liner and not another
one with less pretense.   It was my destiny
just like the destiny of the heart of the
ocean diamond to never make anyone
happy, it preferred to go and rest at the
bottom of a fathomless ocean floor and
never see the light of day again.

NB: photo is replica of a muddy purse
and hat of the 1910 period.

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