Monday, December 12, 2016

Lost generation

I feel most fortunate to have left a few generation
behind me.
A generation where a woman was less than dirt,
at the mercy of their family and later on of their
spouse.  I do understand that poverty, sickness,
mountains of children mouth to feed was a burden
on some people.  Lucky that the generation before
mine decided to leave behind, houses (if we can
call them that), livestock, parents and their beloved
country, not knowing what lay ahead of them.
At one point only men left for the new world,
leaving behind their young families, their young
wives, their aging parents for a piece of bread
less to feed had they stayed.  For sure no social
help was available having just came out of a war,
just or unjust it was a war just the same and many
lost their lives for the love of their nation.  Where
they brainwashed? why kill and fight an enemy
that you have never seen or heard before.  For the
idealist politician, the incredulous youngster or the
religious individual who believed in all kinds of
ideas, at times invented by leaders to amass a
greater fortune for them and their similar, but
surely not for the population who suffered the
consequences of such actions.
I pray (a word almost meaningless at this point)
and hope for anyone who went through that period
not to see it again in their life time, we lost already
too many generations of humans to loose more in
the future..... 

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