Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Do I dare....

Do I dare to look around me,
don't defy me and I will not dare you.
I am a poor soul in search of better
days ahead for I fear the rest of my
life.  I'm a rebel by nature and very
obstinate, like all females.  I can be
extremely tender towards a fallen
child, but I will loose patience with one
who will not listen.  I love nature
but I don't feel comfortable if nature
try to invade my life.  I love pets from
far away, so when I see a loose pet
I pray that they stay away from me,
but to no avail, they sense my
lack of love for them and as such they
give me a hard time.  I love to walk
bare foot, but I can't stand the hot
asphalt of the city.  I tend to look up
and as such find myself in precarious
situations, a hole, end of a sidewalk,
a shrub and so I can easily find
myself on the ground, but I can laugh
at the situation and myself.
So if you are like me, accept yourself
as you are and be happy...........

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