Saturday, May 28, 2016

She devil

Even she devil needs help,
help to get away from everyday
It fantastic to see that not everyone
has an easy life.
Hopefully the difference between me
and the she devil is that I can turn on
my a/c but not her.
I can slam the door and just leave on
the spur of the moment not giving a
darn of the ones left behind, but after
a while guilt assails me and return
back from where I ran away.
A she devil has to listen to the master
giving his orders, cajoling poor
innocent females to follow her and not
look back.  Consequences are not
allowed to ponder in the mind but
just do it and the hell with hurt, crying,
sobbing, laughing at oneself.
Oh I wish this poor  she devil could
find an escaping route, solutions to
remedy herself  if only she knew the
bad that she inflicts on poor  souls
like you and me....                                            

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