Sunday, May 22, 2016

Ideas and dreams never die

Have your sound up & listen.

A germ is slowly growing in your mind.
You or me mortals are reluctant to try
what our brains tell us or commands us
to do.  We fear the reaction of our fellows,
we reluctantly take a step backward for
fear of retaliations, not knowing that the
other person feels the say way.
Unless one is disconnected from everyday
life, one can always remedy and find it's
way in the present and future.
The past we have no control over it,
we the future is all ours to explore,
to feel, to live and to die in it.
Was I younger and in perfect health
I would for sure love to join those
daredevils who after hardeous work and
training leave this planet and go for the
unknown galaxies experimenting what
me and you only can dream about
the exploration of the space around our
planet earth...

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