Saturday, May 14, 2016


Today it a beautiful day
A day to remember
for the shear beauty & the
floating love in the air.
Today I swear I won't be sad
sadness is ugly when it
floats in my head.
Today I promised that I
would put on my oldest
walking shoes and hit the
road of the city.
I will find people who are
less fortunate than me with
their drums beating in their
head.  My dreams have stopped
for a while, I heart says go out
and enjoy the freedom that
exists in your head.
Maybe just maybe all the webs
will stop the drums from beating
just long enough for me to come
out of the drum beat concert and
say: I am stronger than the drums
and I will shut the doors of my
brain to it.  I will feel so much
better than the cacophony of
noise and I will live till I'm well
over a hundred spring, that is
only if I'm strong and accept help
from ex brain drummers.....

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