Friday, May 20, 2016

Sense of honor

There comes a time when human loose
their human sense of honor.
What is a sense of honor, surely scholars
have debated this idea for centuries.
We believe we found a just middle then
all hell brakes loose and all human loose
that sense of honor.
From early in life one learns from parents
that to be a man you need a sense of honor,
so the child looks, sees, learns.
Growing up he tries that system that as
soon as they step in the four walls that we
call schools, bit by bit he that sense of honor
starts to crumble until there's nothing left.
Childs against parents, parents against childs
then there's those that are against their
families, then friends and so on....
Until we reach a period where there is no
going back and we are tangled in a web
created by ourselves but we blames the
others for it.
Like the song "I never promised you a rose
garden.... even if I shoswed it to you, you know
that in your life there will be a little rain sometimes.

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