Saturday, May 7, 2016


"Mom don't be surprised
if this year I do not present
you with a rose.
Times are changing and I know
that you would have loved
something different other than the
eternal rose. I know that you
understand that I too am getting
on with age but like you I try
to show it when I'm sad and
explode of joy when I am happy.
You in your eternal wisdom left
your legacy that I see in the
eyes of my own children and
grandchildren to become men
and women and do their own
destiny just like you and me.
TOMORROW I want to celebrate
in my own way "LIFE" just the
way you did when you were part
of our daily life.
I Salute you mom wherever you are
in the sky with a simple gesture
a tiny flower that you never saw
grow in your backyard....."

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